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Ascaso BIG DREAM T 2 Group Espresso Machine

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Brand: Ascaso

Product Code: 4561

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Ascaso BIG DREAM T 2 Group Espresso Machine

From E-61 and saturated group technology (1971) to T

A reappraisal of tradition. Sustainable engineering.

First, society changes. Neither manufacturers nor engineers nor industrial engineers invent new needs. It is society that demands products that are more sustainable with improved energy efficiency, easier to use and longerlasting.

In these new times, it is the professional barista who demands innovative products without compromising the espresso’s.

At Ascaso, our team of engineers has spent years working to differentiate and perfect our espresso coffee machines. And this has led us to reappraise our approach to tradition. To ground our projects on sustainable engineering.

In the ‘60s, the development of the E-61 group brought innovation to the espresso world. It was an instant success and became one of the most widely used systems in the history of espresso coffee Even today, many manufacturers still use it or work with its principles. Something similar happened with the saturated group (1971) or the multi-boiler system (2001).

But, 60, 50 or 20 years later, we needed to look for a new technology that addressed the shortcomings of the old ones.

Big Dream T

A product incorporating latest-generation technology. Multi-group. Complete PID control. Highly energy efficient.

Technological change

Technology T & Stainless Steel

After the creation of our Big Dream model, in which we have changed a technical criterion used for more than 100 years (using stainless steel instead of copper and brass), we wanted to continue creating unique products. A product that would also mark a turning point in the industry.

Technology T, is a state-of-the-art multi-group technology. Engineering developed entirely by Ascaso. It offers great thermal stability with a high level of energy efficiency (low energy consumption) and clean and fresh water in each coffee.

Multi-group (separate) technology with PID control

High professional-grade performance: Thermal stability guaranteed (in continuous or intermittent use). High steam production (separate, high-volume boiler).

Clean coffee

Minimal metal migration to the beverage through the use of stainless steel.

Complies with European regulation EN 16889

Freshly Delivered Water

Avoiding the use of standing, constantly reheated water to make the coffee. The water for each coffee comes directly from the mains supply, taking fresh, filtered water to the group. Without affecting the water's oxygen and improving the coffee's taste.

Energy efficiency

One of the T technology’s key goals was to reduce the machine’s energy consumption. We deliver a 50% average saving compared with a traditional machine and 25% compared with other multiboiler machines.

Big Dream T, available in 2 or 3 groups and the colour of your choice.

We are responsible

Our machines prepare coffee all around the world. We think about the whole planet when we manufacture them.


High-quality materials and components

Manufactured in stainless steel for maximum sturdiness. These materials ensure our coffee machines have a longer useful life.

The body is made entirely from 304 grade stainless steel. At 2.5 mm thick, we have created a coffee machine for life.

Stainless steel base

The machine’s base is also manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel in a high-gloss finish. The complex manufacturing process, which includes a combination of both artisan and high-tech processes, has produced what we consider to be an extraordinary result. A spectacular and unique piece.

Objects of this complexity and manufacturing skill are no longer made in the 21st century. Mass production and serial manufacturing have done away with them. We wanted to rescue this artisan form of creation using the highest quality materials. To create a beautiful and eternal product.

Baydur® body

The body is manufactured from a combination of high-gloss 304 grade stainless steel in areas in contact with water and Baydur® for the outer shell.

This is a modern material that combines freedom of design and practicality: excellent mechanical resistance, resistant to high temperatures and a watertight interior.

Baydur offered us unrestricted design options. Its curved, sinuous shapes are impossible to achieve with other materials. It also meant we could use all the colours from the RAL colour chart and special paint textures to achieve the perfect finish.

Ergonomic filter holder handle

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it has a strong yet pleasant feel. It is tilted 10º for ease of use, while the horizontal placement of the filter holder in the delivery group ensures perfectly pressed coffee grounds.

Filter holder

The filter holder is one of the most heavily used parts of the machine. It is important that the design facilitates the barista’s work.

We focused on various aspects of the handle:

Designed to adapt to the palm of the hand, conveying a pleasant sense of strength and safety in use.

The 10º tilt facilitates its use, allowing the hand to adopt a natural position.

Horizontal resting position of the filter holder for perfect tamping of the ground coffee.

Coffee spouts. Thanks to the closing system these are always positioned centrally, making assembly and dismantling safe and easy.

Steam joystick

The stick facilitates use and improves control. A smooth, intuitive ‘natural’ movement makes it easy to use and control.

Water push buttons

Double dose/hot water selection. Backlit buttons.

Steam and water wands

Made from AISI 316 stainless steel. The steam wand is anti-lime scale and remains cool to the touch, reducing the risk of contact burns.

Milk build-up is reduced to a minimum, making for easy cleaning.

Steam outlets. Special design. The rounded edges, the smooth lines and four tangential outlets all mean creamy coffee every time. 4 outlets 1,2mm (1,6 optional).

Powerful professional steam

Emulsifies the milk to the ideal point for perfect cappuccinos. Our large-capacity boilers, with their incredible thickness, offer greater steam production stability.

Capacitive display

High definition backlit capacitive display. 4.2” LCD screen. Allows total control of all the machine’s parameters in an instant, quickly and intuitively.

The display gives real time feedback on all the operations the machine is performing at any given time. There are several simple, fast and intuitive menus. It’s like using a smartphone! The icon language is instantly familiar.

This is a state-of-the-art product (touchscreen, highly sensitive, tempered glass, anti-knock and anti-scratch surface).

Button panel and displays per group

Backlit buttons and two digital multifunctional displays per group

High-precision pressure gauges

Casing in AISI 304 stainless steel. Independent boiler and the pump pressure.

Casing in AISI 304 stainless Steel. Metal hands.

Rail and cup warmer

Rail: Solid and attractive in high-gloss stainless steel.

Spacious cup warmer in AISI 304 stainless steel. On/off option. Keeps espresso and cappuccino cups at the perfect temperature for a delicious cup of coffee.

Cup warmer. (on/off switch)

Electric cup warmer Accessory that guarantees electric cup warming, with a direct heat source.

This is required where the boiler is insulated. Cutting-edge cup warmer (minimum consumption: 50W).

Wire tray

Easy to clean with thin wire tray so as not to dirty the bottoms of the cups.


Stainless steel. Easily removed for cleaning.

Work area light

LEDS in the work area. These give the barista a better view of the cup and enhance the visibility of the machine on the bar to showcase its spectacular design.

It is essential that the work area is properly lit, for both practical and quality reasons:

  • To control the quality of the coffee.
  • As a design or decorative feature.
  • To facilitate the barista’s work.


(only if you want, because it’s already so, so beautiful…)

We gave careful thought to the way users can customize their coffee machine to reflect the décor of their café or the coffee roast. Our machines are craft products and this gives us the flexibility to respond to the requirements of our baristas.

We offer the full range of RAL colours (256 in total), accessorized by different fine woods for the filter holder and steam joystick, and we also welcome special requests (personalized logos, printing,stencils , etc.). Just tell us what you need, but first of all take a look at our standard colours and finishes. This is such a beautiful coffee machine as it is…


Colour is more than just a shade. It expresses feelings, reveals personality and communicates with others.

We wanted our Big Dream to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor: colour, colour and more colour! A colourful statement of intent.

Colour is its DNA… which is your favourite?

We can paint the coffee machine in any RAL colour, using a very rigorous process that consists of three coats of paint both to protect the machine and achieve a deep, vibrant tone.

Easy access

Easy to dismantle. Designed for and by technicians.

Easy access to internal valves, pipes, solenoid valves, heating elements, pump regulators, etc.


Our Big Dream T includes a Tam-tamper: professional tamper made of stainless steel and wood, designed by Marc Aranyó.



Multi-group system

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Thermal Stability System

The filtered and clean water enters the machine through the rotary pump at a certain pressure.

Enter the water/steam boiler through a U-shaped preheater tube (thick and 100% Aisi 316 L stainless steel), at network or ambient temperature. And it comes out hot without touching or altering the water in the water boiler. A very efficient system (no need to use any additional energy to preheat the water entering the groups).

Hot water (80º) will enter each thermodynamic coffee group.

The coffee group (see technology group T) and the algorithm established in the electronic exchange, guarantee a great thermal stability of the water at the exit of the group (+ - 0.5ºC). Both in situations of continuous or timely consumption.

And all this without constantly reheating the water or having saturated groups of water. Clean water in each coffee at a constant temperature. With a much more efficient and sustainable technology.

Multi-group (separate) technology with PID control.

Minimal metal migration to the beverage through the use of stainless steel.

Freshly Delivered Water.

Energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency

We guarantee a saving 50% compared to a single boiler traditional coffee machine.

  • Use of electronically controlled thermoblocks focused on conserving energy by heating the extraction water only.
  • Electronic temperature management. The heating element only operates when necessary and only for as long as required. It allows ‘smart’ control, with a much lower energy consumption than other systems on the market.
  • PID Control in all the coffee groups and the steam boiler. Featuring electronic thermostats that are much more precise and act much faster than the traditional mechanical pressure gauge system.
  • The Multi-Group System means that power is only used by the part of the machine in use at any time. Each group can be turned off or on independently.
  • Thermal lagging made from high-tech material for coffee and steam boilers. Notably increases the quality of the coffee machine and the energy-efficient.

Energy consumption

Reducing the energy consumption of our coffee machines has been a priority goal for the last 10 years. The result of this process is the creation of our own technology, in a sector that primarily uses technologies from 60 years or 20 years ago, as in the case of the most popular and modern multi-boiler technologies.

We want to make public our result and, we hope, that many other manufacturers will follow this path. The result obtained, available to our clients, is based on the European protocol.

A step beyond the European Standards

It would be advisable to publish the actual consumption of professional coffee machines, which is based on the European standard DIN 18873 - 2: 2016. It is a sign of transparency that fosters the consumer and the energy transition, but we believe that this data does not reflect consumption in real conditions.

How is it tested according to official protocol?

  • New machines are tested under laboratory conditions. In reality, after a period of use, copper boiler machines accumulate a large amount of lime, causing an increase in energy consumption when in use. This does not happen in stainless-steel boilers of Ascaso coffee machines.
  • It is not considered that a group/ groups and the boiler cannot be turned off in a mono-boiler machine, which is indeed feasible with our T technology resulting in the corresponding energy savings.
  • Time required to activate or switch on the coffee group is not evaluated either. Ascaso's T technology enables a group to be activated when it is completely switched off in 1 minute. It is a unique design in the world.

European regulations foster that all manufacturers have the same protocol to measure energy consumption, but considering the tests carried out and the methodology, it does not accurately reflect efficiency and performance. In real working conditions, our technology and materials improve the data obtained according to the official protocol of European Standards.

Energy savings = Economic savings

The energy consumption of a professional coffee machine is high. Also it is its hours of use. Consequently, financial savings are also important.

By doing a simple calculation, we can obtain an annual saving of more than € 300 on the electricity bill.

Average saving 5.5 kWh/24h. 300 days of annual opening. 0.21 kWh (average price in Europe).

Total: € 350 / year.

Curious data

We can translate the energy request of those models into CO2 generation due to the energy being used to. Considering each 1.000 kWh being used generate 458 kg of CO2, or which is equivalent, to cut 19 trees.

Translating data to those 2 parameters shows results as follows:

Also considering energy request differences between models and base HX one, can also try to translate these differences into something common for all of us, for example the energy request of a fridge. Considering the annual energy request of a fridge is around 175 kWh, the differences between the BT model and the HX mono boiler would allow user to completely cover the energy request of this appliance, as follows:


‘We should remember that when the point of contact between the product and the people becomes a point of friction, then the designer has failed. On the other hand, if people are made safer, more comfortable, more eager to purchase, more efficient – or just plain happier – by contact with the product, then the designer has succeeded.’

Designing for People
Henry Dreyfuss

Keeping baristas happy

In the espresso world, when we talk about ergonomics we mean the optimization of the design of the coffee machine so the professional barista can work in the utmost comfort. Basically, what we are looking for is that the barista can perform his ‘choreography’ smoothly, comfortably and happily.

Based on structured data collection, we have designed our machine in line with the different ergonomic parameters demanded by baristas to ensure that their relationship with the Big Dream T is a joyous one. The essential elements have been devised and designed so that the creation of an espresso coffee and its specific choreography take place in the most comfortable possible circumstances for the professional barista.

  • The groups, the display and the accessories are completely visible.

  • Ergonomic filter holder: the filter holder is one of the most heavily used parts of the machine. It is important that the design facilitates the barista’s work.

    We focused on various aspects of the handle:
    ◦ Designed to adapt to the palm of the hand, conveying a pleasant sense of strength and safety in use.
    ◦ The 10º tilt facilitates its use, allowing the hand to adopt a natural position.
    ◦ Horizontal resting position of the filter holder for perfect tamping of the ground coffee.
    ◦ The body of the filter holder has a flat base to facilitate optimum tamping.

  • Soft filter holder closing action: The precision-design of the group head and the conical design of the seal ring provide a smooth, streamlined and uniform feeling when coupling the filter holder to the group.

  • Steam lever/knobs. The lever system is the most suitable for human use in ergonomic terms. A smooth, intuitive ‘natural’ movement makes it easy to use and control. When the barista activates the cam, he can adjust the amount of steam in proportion to the level of force exerted. It can also be left completely open.

  • Steam wands and water tubes in AISI 316 stainless steel

    Temperature. ’Cool touch’ (with thermal insulation). Rules out the risk of burns and offers greater user comfort.
    Cleaning. The cool stainless steel facilitates cleaning as the milk does not adhere to it.
    Mobility. 360º rotation. Multi-directional and very long. Designed to be used with any type and size of jug. We use a non-slip rubber seal ring on the wand to facilitate its movement and reduce the heat factor even further.

  • High-precision, easy-to-read pressure valves.

  • Pump pressure adjustable from outside. The barista can act directly to adapt the pressure to his/her requirements.

  • Whether the elevated or non-elevated version, it just takes a simple gesture. Double height available: 9 and 12 cm. This option is ideal for new drink types or consumer habits (take-aways) which are sold in different containers from the traditional coffee cup.

  • Spacious cup warmer. Totally accessible. On/Off.

  • Thin wire rack. Designed to keep the bottoms of the cups clean.

  • Back-lit button pad.

  • Chronometer function.

  • Work area light. On/off.

Keeping technicians happy

The machine has been designed primarily from the point of view of the barista, but we also took the technician’s perspective very much into account.

This is a nice product to repair! It is easy to dismantle with standard tools.  It has very few screws and the components are easily accessible. There is plenty of space to carry out repairs with complete assurance.

This is a key factor to consider in a high quality product.

Good design presupposes that the product can be dismantled and repaired with ease. The idea is that it will last for years and years.

It is a matter of quality, productivity and also sustainability.

We have worked on this component by component.

  • Easy access. By just taking out a few screws you have access to all the components: Solenoid valves, heating elements… everything inside the machine.

  • Internal valves. We have installed valves to facilitate the machine’s repair either on site or in a workshop.

  • Steam wands. Very easy to dismantle. Easy to clean.

  • External pump regulation. Easy access

  • Electrical and electronic components protected and insulated from heat sources (boilers). Independent, unified electronic section. Easy access for repairs. The use of insulating material for boilers guarantees a ‘cool’ interior temperature and lengthens the lifespan of all the components, avoiding the need for repairs.


Technical data

Accessories Kit

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Brand: Ascaso
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