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Ascaso Steel Duo PID 110-120V US Plug Espresso Machine

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Brand: Ascaso

Product Code: 28201-110V

Tags:  Ascaso Steel Duo PID 110-120V US Plug Espresso Machine28201-110VDomestic Espresso Machines

Ascaso Steel Duo PID Espresso Machine

The newest model 2022 with the wood knob and the improved steam power


The STEEL range goes one step further and transcends the Home use. It is a professional coffee machine for home, offices, and even the Hospitality channel.

I t was designed by the Ascaso Factory engineering team in its UNO and DUO versions and it is offered in a robust industrial b odywork that meets the requirements of the expert user. It is manufactured with the highest quality materials (aluminum, stainl ess steel, brass), and a minimum use of plastic. The standard version is equipped with a Ø 58mm filter holder and electronic temper ature control.

The PID version provides a completely professional performance: externally adjustable OPV and a external PID display for temperature setting, adjustable pre-infusion, stand-by option and much more. A professional machine at Home!

Thermoblock group

Thermal stability. Quality in cup.

Less limescale build-up. Stainless steel circuit reduces limescale build-up.

Unlimited steam. Constant pressure. No damage to the heating element caused by low water levels.

Healthy 100%. AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit. No metal migration in water. Complies with European standard EN 16889.

Clean water. Here it is constantly renewed and clean for every coffee. The taste and smell of the coffee are unaffected. As the water does not stand in the boiler, being constantly re-heated, quality is not affected.

Made in Barcelona with its own technology.

Hand-crafted. Hand-made

There's a little bit of love in every coffee machine.


High-quality materials and components

Manufactured in stainless steel for maximum sturdiness. The range is completed with 1, 2 or 3 groups. A wide range of possibilities that make this a truly professional machine in a domestic environment.


The mobile filter holder model (ground coffee/versatile) includes a Tam-tamper: Professional aluminium coffee tamper (58 mm) designed by Marc Aranyó.

Special cappuccino steam wand

Stainless steel. Multidirectional to 360º. The wand is cold to the touch, reducing the risk of contact burns.

Milk build-up is reduced to a minimum, making for easy cleaning.

Powerful steam/hot water

The new aluminium + stainless steel group guarantees continuous, unlimited steam. The life of the piece is now much longer thanks to the fact that lime scale does not build up on the stainless steel circuit.

2-litre water reservoir

Can be removed for easy maintenance, cleaning and visual access, allowing the user to quickly check the amount of water in the chamber. The reservoir can be filled with the coffee machine in operation. BPA – free.

Cup warmer

Emulating professional coffee bar machines, the upper part features a surface that keeps cups warm, ensuring that coffee remains at its optimum temperature.

Large area – 270 mm x 315 mm. 100% usable (Side reservoir)

Stainless steel tray

Beauty and simplicity. A geometrical design that recalls the classic lines of bygone espresso machines. Easy to clean, with an extractable tray containing coffee spill.

Metal switches

The high quality of the machine makes it a pleasure to use. Emphasises the industrial look. Leds.

Pressure gauge

Along with the PID temperature control, this enables complete control of the machine.

Lighting for work area

Look at the light!


Thermoblock aluminium + stainless steel

  • Clean water. Here it is constantly renewed and clean for every coffee. The taste and smell of the coffee are unaffected. As the water does not stand in the boiler, being constantly re-heated, quality is not affected.
  • Thermal stability. Quality in cup. Thanks to its high capacity and internal pipe measuring over a metre long. Optimised with electronic temperature control.
  • 100% food-safe. AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit. No metal migration in water.
  • Less limescale build-up. Easy-to-clean stainless steel circuit reduces limescale build-up.
  • Steam. Unlimited steam supply. Constant pressure. No damage to the heating element caused by low water levels. Reliability and quality.

We are so confident of the quality of our coffee machines. Our quest for excellence has allowed us to extend the international warranty to 5 years on all of our boilers & groups purchased from 2019.

For the product warranty to remain in force:

1. The use of the correct filtration system and regular maintenance are both essential for the product warranty to remain in force and to ensure the perfect operation of your coffee machine.

2. The connection of the machine to the earthing () should comply with the electrical regulations currently in force in the place where the machine is installed.

3. Do not use acids or corrosive products for cleaning.

Please, read the user manual of your machine.

Mobile filter holder


This system allows the use of both ground coffee and ESE coffee pods. The thermoblock also makes unlimited steam production possible.

Professional group

Coffee group is manufactured lead free brass.

Powerful steam

New software: Instant, constant and powerful.

  1. More steam power is gained by increasing the working surface of the steam circuit.
  2. Extra steam pressure can be generated just by delaying the opening of the tap after activating the system.
  3. Our new software algorithm has increased the power of steam in 25%!!

Steam without boiler

  • Improves energy consumption. We reduce it from 35% to 70%, according to EN60661 test.
  • We avoid heating element failures. Ascaso also offers a 5-year warranty on the steam unit that includes it.
    Vacuum valves, safety valves and immersion probes are also eliminated.
  • Waiting time for activation 2 minutes. Our steam unit is ready within 2 minutes after switching on. Once switched on, steam generation is instantaneous. A boiler takes between 15 and 25 minutes from start-up.
  • Instantaneous regeneration time. Constant steam. A boiler takes several minutes to recover if it has previously made steam, proportionally to its use. With our system the waiting time is zero. Throughout the process it does not lose steam, it is constant for 3 minutes (maximum established for system safety) and then recovers instantly.
  • We use clean water in every steam service (no water constantly overheated).

Tip - How to frothing milk with this system

To get a professional result as in a boiler system, we have to change only a little the way of frothing: Work from the beginning to the end on the surface.

In a boiler system, we are used to working on the surface to provide air and then in depth to create circulation and heat the milk.

With our system we achieve the same result by working only on the surface: first to bring in air and then lower it just a little to create circulation and heat. The process is a little slower than with a boiler.

Watch this video where we frothing milk in the DUO with the two standard nozzles:

Steam with control PID

The electromechanical pressure switch is eliminated. Common in the industry, but not very precise and with mechanical failures.

Selection of the temperature of the coffee group by means of the display. From 110ºC to 165ºC

More ergonomic steam

We incorporate a steam knob in place of the switch.

  1. You don't have to wait a second to get steam. Simply activating the steam function allows us to open or close the tap to get steam instantly.
  2. More professional approach to steam generation operation.

Professional filter holders

Following the Ascaso philosophy of transferring professional components from the espresso coffee world to the home, all our machines feature a filter holders and filters made of stainless steel (for 1 or 2 coffees) and a special filter for ESE coffee pods.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it has a strong yet pleasant feel. Non-slip grip. It is tilted 10º for ease of use, while the horizontal placement of the filter holder in the delivery group ensures perfectly pressed coffee grounds.

Ø58mm Stainless steel filter and filter holders

We only use the Stainless Steel Portafilter (including the 1 and 2 coffee spouts). In the entire Home Pro (Dream One / Pid, ​​Steel) and Professional (Bar, Baby T, Barista T, Big Dream) range.

We stopped using brass and chrome on this key component. The advantages are multiple:

  • Health. Stainless steel is the food material par excellence. Even with the use of low lead brass, there are metal migrations in the beverage. We also remove the chrome, which ends up in the cup. The traditional chrome-plated brass filter holder is black on the inside in a few weeks, while the stainless steel one is unalterable over time.

Quality of material. Stainless steel is a much harder material than brass. Its lifespan is much longer.

  • Cleaning. Much easier to clean and more resistant.

  • Esthetic. We have provided this filter holder with several details that give the product a better image:
  1. Internal laser marking
  2. Glossy finish
  3. Logo on the handle

Professional filters

As well as the traditional filters, Steel features the latest coffee-making technology, with the new 'super-froth' filter for an extra-frothy espresso. These special pressurised filters for 1 or 2 cups ensure the frothiest coffee regardless of the coffee blend or grinding method used.

6 professional filters standard (2 traditional, 2 pressurized, 1 blind and 1 monodose E.S.E.)

Just filters?

The coffee filters on all our machines are of the very highest quality. Quality materials (AISI 304) and manufacturing.

Our cutting-edge production process guarantees optimum results time after time. Filter by filter. Hole by hole. If not, there will be significant differences in the cup and system changes (over-/under-dispensing).

Laser engraving, including a different serial number for each filter.

The circular perforations are totally uniform and always the same size (maximum tolerance of 0.02 mm difference between one hole and the next).

Its design (a geometric pyramid for the holes and a 94º angle) guarantees uniform dispensing and reduces possible sediment in the coffee and the blocking of the holes.

Available in 4 sizes (18gr and 21gr are optional)

High quality shower

Without welding. AISI304

Pump 20 bar

The professional water pump passes water through the coffee at the correct pressure to extract maximum aroma, flavour and organoleptic characteristics.

3-way solenoid valve

This type of valve allows the machine to offer dry filtering, eliminating the final drips and preventing over-pressurisation.  Made in all cases of lead-free brass (OT 57) and stem of AISI316 stainless steel.


Externally adjustable pressure valve.

Professional steam valve

New, exceptional quality. Highly durable. Simple and inexpensive to repair. 

TFM (high performance) gasket closure system.

Electronic technology

Cutting-edge electronic components. 'Tropicalized' chipset. Intelligent steam management in the thermoblock.

Fully independent electronic temperature control for each group, (up to 8 possible options ranging from 90°C to 106°C). We guarantee a maximum deviation of +/-1.5°C. In continuous or intermittent use. From the first coffee to the very last.

The traditional boiler and bimetal thermostats offered a deviation value of up to +/-5°C.

Much more stable and professional steam management

With electronic management, the amount of water entering the group is based on the machine’s temperature (not on the amount of water inside, as in the case of the boiler), by changing the pump activation frequency, thereby always producing dry steam.

The steam pressure in the first 10 seconds is superior with the boiler system but, as no water is added, that pressure runs out over time. With Thermoblock, the pressure is continuous and unlimited.

The boiler system is much less reliable in terms of element durability. Lack of water causes the system to ‘struggle’ when using steam services. Additionally, in the boiler system, use of a steam service requires the user to fill the boiler manually afterwards.


Steel Pid

(versus Steel)


Coffee and steam temperature control, stand-by, chronometer, counter, preinfusion, 5 warnings.

Volumetric control.

Thermoblock Thermal cover.

Active cupwarmer (10W)

Wood handles.

Work area light.

Electronic PID coffee group temperature control

  • Adjustable in one-degree increments.
  • Electronic steam control.
  • Stand-by option available.
  • Coffee dose timer.
  • Programmable pre-infusion. (0 to 5 seconds).
  • Select the temperature of the steam group via the display. From 110°C to 165°C.
  • Coffee counter for the 2 selections, partial and total (4 counters).
  • Alarms (5): Water/coffee ratio, coffee or steam gauge, coffee group or steam. (Display indicates error type).

All functions and how to configure them

Dose control based on water/coffee ratio

Two options: Small or large coffee

Thermoblock thermal cover

Significantly reduces energy consumption and increases thermal stability in the group

Cup warmer

Cutting-edge electric cup warmer (consumption 10W)

Wooden handles and knobs

Ergonomic. Warm natural feel.


Technical data

Accessories Kit

Download brochure

Steel PID

Weight 17 kg
Brand: Ascaso
ARM FIXED ARM (only pods), REMOVABLE ARM (ground + pod);
Colour: Black&Wood , Inox&Wood , White&Wood
Espresso Machine Features
Temperature Control PID

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