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Bezzera Strega TOP AL Lever Espresso Machine

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Brand: Bezzera

Product Code: STR1PAL1IL5

Tags:  Bezzera Strega TOP AL Lever Espresso MachineSTR1PAL1IL5Domestic Espresso Machines

Bezzera Strega TOP AL Lever Espresso Machine


Strega model combines the modern features of a coffee machine of the twenty-first century, with the traditional lever system that guarantees optimal extraction of coffee flavours, delivering creamy espresso following the italian espresso tradition.


It works with a vibration pump operated by an electronic that automatically adjusts the boiler level.

Before coffee delivery the pump fills the lever group providing a pre infusion between coffee and water.

During delivery the pump stops, and the pressure in the group unit is developed by two springs that guarantee a steady supply and the best oil extraction from the ground coffee.

The group is heated by an heating element that ensures the group thermostability.


Electric heating

Automatic boiler water supply

Automatic blocking of heating element in case of lack of water in the boiler

Water tank and vibration pump


Bezzera Strega Overview

The Bezzera Strega is an old school lever-style espresso machine that pays homage to the very first espresso machine invented by the company’s founder Luigi Bezzera all the way back in 1901. Ever the innovators, though, Bezzera takes inspiration from a classic lever machine without getting stuck in the past. They’ve integrated both a hydraulic spring and vibration pump to ensure even pressure and offer control over pre-infusion.

Features and Performance

The Strega was intimidating to some of us, and it does take practice to get the process down, but, the adventurous among us found the Strega to be as fun as it is capable. As a heat exchange machine, it is capable of brewing and steaming simultaneously once you’ve got your shots down, and it can even be plumbed directly into a water line.

Bezzera’s specially designed group head electronically heats up to make sure the brew water is never shocked by a cold component, though it will need to be flushed between uses, as the group can heat up a little too much. The Strega allows you to step back in time and experience what it’s truly like to pull a shot.

Using the Strega is tricky at first, but, once you get the hang of it, it’s totally worth it. One of the key benefits to brewing with the Strega is the unique way in which it controls both temperature and pressure. The high temperature of the copper boiler helps to properly heat the puck for a full extraction while the stored heat in the lever group allow for slightly lower finishing temperatures that prevent over-extraction.

Similarly, the pressure produced by the machine trails off as well. The pump provides an initial 11 bar followed by the lever spring that starts around 9.5 bar and tapers to about 5.5 bar at the end of the shot. Remember to guide the lever up, because it will snap up quickly, and, we can tell you from experience, it hurts.

For milk drinks, the Strega can produce roughly 45 seconds of steam time before needing to recover. The steam wand features a commercial style 4-hole tip that speeds up milk frothing and can require a bit of a learning curve for those who aren’t used to steaming so quickly.

Why You Should Get It

A good, traditional lever-style espresso machine is one of the most enjoyable ways to pull a shot, and the Strega happens to be a great one. The copper boiler helps with temperature stability and the manual pressure profiling lets you experiment with your shots and get unique results.


Lever Operated Brewing

As opposed to modern push button or toggle brewing, the Strega is a throwback to espresso yesteryear with its traditional lever group. Assisted by a pump, the machine pre-infuses and brews by pulling down the lever and gradually releasing it. This style of machine originated the concept of pulling a shot.

Manual Pressure Profiling

Most machines deliver constant pressure over the course of a brew cycle, but the Strega’s lever and pump design allows you to modify the pressure manually while brewing the shot, simply by holding and releasing the lever. Regular use gradually tapers the pressure from 9.5 to 5.5 bars as the lever spring rises back to the top.

Electrically Heated Group Head

The Strega’s group head is electrically heated and designed for maximum temperature stability. The group head is heated by two dedicated heating elements and controlled by a thermostat. The dual elements help to provide even heating to the group head to aid in maintaining temperature stability.

In-House Production

Bezzera is one of the only espresso machine manufacturers to not only assemble its own machines in house, but design many of their own components and assemble those, too. So, rather than buying components externally and designing their machines around them, Bezzera thoughtfully designs each element, bringing them together into a beautiful whole.


Bezzera Strega Lever Espresso Machine

Marc and Morgan go over the capabilities of the Bezzera Strega. Using the pump in combination with the lever allows a user to do pressure profiling and extract master class level espresso from the finest coffees available. The Strega's lever plus pump system adds a new dimension of control to espresso extractions.

Bezzera Espresso Machines Factory Tour

See how Bezzera espresso machines are made in this behind the scenes factory tour. Whole Latte Love takes you inside the Bezzera factory in Milan, Italy. Luca Bezzera leads the tour and is the 4th generation of the family making espresso machines for nearly 120 years in Milan.


App Connectivity
Boiler Configuration
Number of Boilers
Boiler Features
Brew & Steam Simultaneously,Rapid Steam
Brew Boiler Auto-Fill
Brew Boiler Heater Location
Brew Boiler Insulation
Brew Boiler Material
Brew Boiler Orientation
Three-Way Valve
Back Flush Capable
Brew Group Material
Chrome Plated Brass
Brew Group Size (mm)
58 mm
Brew Group Type
Sprung Lever
Brew Boiler Wattage
Recommended Application
Home / Residential
NSF Certified
Controls and Additional Features
Power Light
Pressure Gauges
Brew Circuit
Type of Controls

Cup Warmer
Passively Heated
Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable)
Drip Tray Capacity (oz)
24 fl-oz
Drip Tray Cover Material
Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material
Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tray
Portafilter Baskets Included
Frame Material
Programmable Grinding
Housing Color
Stainless Steel
Housing Material
Stainless Steel
Recommended Water Filter
No Filter Required
Depth (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
Width (cm)
Bottomless Portafilter Available
Filter Diameter (mm)
58 mm
Portafilter Handle Material
Portafilter Material
Chrome Plated Brass
Number of Portafilters Included
Ground, E.S.E., Pod and Capsule Compatibility   
Ground Coffee
Portafilter Type
Commercial Style

Portafilter Diameter
58 mm
Adjustable Brew Pressure
Pump Pressure (Max. Bar)
15 Bar
Pump Type
Pump Wattage
52 watts

Steam Boiler Auto-Fill
Steam Boiler Heater Location
Steam Boiler Insulation
Steam Boiler Orientation
Steam Boiler Volume (L)
Steam Boiler Vacuum Relief Valve
Steam Boiler Wattage
1550 Watt
Steam Wand Features
No-Burn,Swappable Steam Tips

Steam Tip Hole Count
Steam Wand Material
Stainless Steel
Steam Wand Movement Type
Fully Articulated
Steam Wand
Commercial Style

Water Reservoir Access Location
Water Reservoir Capacity (L)
Water Reservoir Material
Water Source
Reservoir and Water Line
Maximum Incoming Water Pressure (PSI)
29 PSI

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