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Brita Purity 450 Quell ST Filter Cartridge

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Brand: Brita

Product Code: 8701

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PURITY Quell ST filtration system reduces taste and odour-impairing substances in mains water. Your beverages will taste better and your equipment will be protected. Capacity1 coffee /espresso /vending machines (at a carbonate hardness of 10 °dH/bypass setting of 40 %) : 4217 litres Comparable capacity : 2240 litres Nominal flow: 60 litres / h

Constant high performance in gastronomy is expected from high-quality machines. To ensure this performance is achieved at all times, it is advisable to work with optimised water.

The consistent water quality over the life of the filter and the reliable removal of unwanted taste and aroma elements ensures the best quality and optimum aroma development for your drinks, as well as high machine protection.


• Removal of unwanted taste and aroma elements in the complete filtrate (including in the bypass water).
• Coffee develops its full aroma.
• Targeted adaptation to local conditions with variable bypass setting.
• Limescale deposits and associated machine breakdowns are reduced.
• Service and repair costs are clearly reduced.

Systematic filter technology

1. Pre-filtrationFleece at the inlet reliably retains coarse particles and, with its laminar water distribution, ensures a high
the utilisation of the downstream filter medium.

2. Carbonate hardness reduction
The PURITY Quell ST filter medium reduces the content of carbonate hardness in a targeted way. As a result, unwanted limescale formation is prevented.

3. Activated carbon filtration
All of the water – including the bypass water – runs through an activated carbon filter. Taste and aroma elements that have a negative effect do not enter the filtrate.

4. Fine filtration
At the end of the filtration process, a fleece retains any fine particles.

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