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Cafflano Klassic - All in One Coffee Maker - Red

  • 95.0€

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Ex Tax: 77.2€

Availability: 5-7 Days

Brand: Cafflano

Product Code: 1646

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Cafflano Klassic is an innovative combination of several devices in one. This inconspicuous coffee maker with the appearance of modern thermos flask includes a grinder, a dripper with built-in filter, a jug ​​and a mug.

Perfect in every situation - at home, at work or when travelling. This gadget, with its interior as rich as matryoshka doll, allows you to enjoy delicious coffee wherever you wish. It may not fit in any pocket, but you can easily put it in a bag or backpack. And it only weighs 470g!

Another advantage is its functionality. The lid with an outlet serves as a jug for water pouring. Grind the beans using a grinder with ceramic burrs, adjustable grinding level and folded handle. Ground coffee from the grinder goes straight into a metal conical filter. Pouring hot water through the ground beans, you get your ready brew directly into a metal mug with an additional lid. Can it be any better? Yes, it can!

Cafflano is also a great design. It is available in two colours: red and black. Its body made of metal and durable plastic will satisfy gadget lovers with even the most sophisticated taste. But that's enough of the theory - now it's time for practice.

Weight 470 g
Colour red
Height 19,3 cm
Brand Cafflano
Burr type ceramic
Capacity 450 ml
Diameter 8,9 cm

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