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Chemex Ottomatic - Filter coffee maker

  • 402.4€

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Brand: Chemex

Product Code: 3226

Tags:  Chemex Ottomatic - Filter coffee maker3226Automatic Coffee Makers

Ottomatic is a filter coffee maker designed to operate on the basis of Chemex coffee maker. It is simple to use, beautiful in its shape and great in coffee brewing. The set also includes Chemex 6 Cup Classic Coffeemaker.

A combination of a filter coffee maker and one of the best coffee makers in the world? Why not?!Ottomatic takes care of every detail: pre-infusion (pre-brewing), appropriate brewing time, proper water temperature as well as coffee warming after it is ready. Specially designed showerhead provides even distribution of water and gradual pulsed pouring - which is reflected in perfect coffee extraction. The vessel with volume scale on it allows you to easily measure the appropriate amount of water. To brew your coffee, just wet the filter, insert it into the Chemex and pour the right amount of fairly coarsely ground coffee (approx. 7 grams per 100 ml of water). Then pour sufficient quantity of water in the vessel (you can weigh it or use the volume marked on the vessel). Then, just turn the device on and wait a few minutes. It's ready! The set includes the following:- Ottomatic filter coffee maker- Chemex Classic Coffeemaker - 6-cup - 6 paper filters- glass cover for Chemex- descaling liquid.Chemex Coffee Maker itself was invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. The design was based on the experience gained by this talented chemist. This one-piece vessel with its hourglass shape is made of high-quality heat-resistant glass. The role of a holder is served by a wood collar with a leather tie. The glass that Chemex is made of does not absorb odours, and thus it has no effect on the flavour of brewed coffee.

Capacity 900 ml

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