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Espro - Travel Coffee Press 350ml - Sunshine Yellow

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Brand: Espro

Product Code: 6599

Tags:  Espro - Travel Coffee Press 350ml - Sunshine Yellow6599French Press

Espro Travel Press is a 2-in-1 device, a French Press and a travel mug. Always on the go? This one is for you! Brew some coffee and take it wherever you want! Espro is durable, leak-proof, available in various colourways, and it keeps your coffee hot for hours!


Espro Travel Press consists of a thermal mug, a plunger with a double filter, and a cap. The mug holds the temperature up to 8 hours thanks to a double stainless steel wall.

The double filter separates the fines from the brew well. Its mesh is 9 - 12 times finer than the filters in regular French Presses. After pressing the plunger, the extraction stops - no more bitter coffee! At the same time, you don't have to discard the fines right after brewing.

The cap and other plastic elements are BPA-free and food safe.


Pour 18 grams of coarsely ground coffee into Espro. Add 300 ml of hot water and wait for 3 - 4 minutes. Put the plunger with the filter into the cup and press it. Done! You can have a sip right from Espro, pour it into a mug, or screw the cap and have some coffee later!

Colour yellow
Capacity 350 ml
Diameter 7 cm

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