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La Marzocco diffuser screen H7mm

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Brand: La Marzocco

Product Code: F304001

Tags:  La Marzocco diffuser screen H7mmF304001Other Parts

La Marzocco diffuser screen H7mm

The diffuser screen (or shower/dispersion screen) distributes water

across the coffee puck evenly. It is important to clean it regularly and to

inspect it for wear. The screen is subject to the pressures of the pump,

abrasion from the coffee and potential physical damage from the

portafilter. It can also be damaged if not removed before changing the

group gasket.

failure mode:

Blocked. It can become blocked with coffee residue or with cleaning

products if too much is used. Inspect and clean it regularly.

Bent. Can be misshaped due to age/pressure or physical damage.


Check for free flow through the holes and none around the edge.

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