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La Marzocco Strada EP 1 group Espresso Machine

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Brand: La Marzocco

Product Code: 4490

Tags:  La Marzocco Strada EP 1 group Espresso Machine4490Domestic Espresso Machines

La Marzocco Strada EP 1 group Espresso Machine

La Strada designed for and by baristas.

Over the course of two years La Marzocco worked with thirty of the world’s finest coffee professionals to design a machine.

This group was known as the “Street Team”; the Strada, Italian for street, was named in their honor.

A lower profile invites customer engagement in a café setting, while also providing the barista an open, expansive work area.

La Marzocco set out to design the Strada EP (Electronic Paddle) because of a shift in the market by providing the barista full control over the brewing process as never before. As more coffee roasters began moving toward direct trade and relationship coffees, we realized there was a need for a more stable, reliable and versatile machine that enabled them to showcase the very best of these coffees. Pressure profiling allows the barista to bring out different flavor components which affect the balance and body of the shot, and produce a rounder, softer espresso that highlights brightness, sweetness and delicate notes. The Strada EP enables the barista to create that perfect expression of a particular single origin coffee as an espresso, and reproduce a flavor profile that may be difficult to attain at a constant 9 bars of pressure. The Strada EP 1 group is equipped with a self-contained 2 liter water tank that makes plumbing optional.

The Strada EP redefines the reliability, durability and control of the espresso machine.


Dual Boilers: Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production.

Independent Saturated Boilers: Separate saturated boilers for each group head allow barista to optimize temperature for individual coffees, ensuring thermal stability.

Dual PID (coffee and steam): Allows you to electronically control coffee and steam boiler temperature.

Pro Touch Steam Wands: High performing steam wands that are cool to the touch.

Adjustable Drip Tray: Allows you to use the machine with tall, to-go cups.

USB: To upload and download pressure profiles. 

Gear Pumps - EP only: One gear pump per group delivers stable pressure control, making it possible to create and replicate pressure profiles.

Programmable Doses: Auto-volumetrics ensure repeatability and consistency in high-volume settings.

Internal Pump and Tank - EP 1 Group only: Self-contained 2 liter water tank and internal volumetric pump for countertop use.

Digital Display: Intuitive programming makes it easy to adjust machine parameters.

Insulated Boilers: Reduce energy consumption while contributing to temperature stability.


  • Boiler Type: Dual Boiler
  • Boiler Material: Stainless Steel
  • Total Boiler Capacity: 5 (1.5 + 3.5) Liters
  • Wattage: 2300 W
  • Brew Group Type: Saturated Group System
  • Brew Group Material: Stainless Steel
  • Steam Wand: Yes (No-Burn)
  • Hot Water Supply: Yes
  • Pump Type: Gear
  • Variable Pressure Profile: Yes
  • PID Control: Yes
  • Shot Timer: Yes
  • Water Feed: Reservoir/Hard Plumbing
  • Reservoir Capacity: 2 Liters
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Width: 504 mm
  • Depth: 675 mm
  • Height: 475 mm
  • Net Weight: 62 Kg

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