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Set Ascaso Steel Duo PLUS Espresso Machine + Eureka Mignon Libra Grinder for Domestic use with Dose By Weigh

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Set Ascaso Steel Duo PLUS Espresso Machine + Eureka Mignon Libra Grinder for Domestic use with Dose By Weigh

Ascaso Steel Duo Plus Espresso Machine


Steel Plus

(versus Steel PID)

Joy stick steam valve

Food grade green silicone filter holder gasket

Competition shower

Stainless steel coffee tamper

Two steam tips (1 and 3 holes)

Two complete Filterholders. 2 coffees & bottomless.

Five Filters (7,14,18,21, Blind)

Stainless steel steam tip

Wire stainless steel tray removable

Joystick steam valve

We propose a professional and more ergonomic solution adapted to Home use. It is easier to use and improves control capability. A “natural”, smooth and intuitive movement.

Steam generation is automatic. The "lock" function allows tea to be permanently brewed

Food Grade Silicone Gasket

Material: Silicone. Can withstand temperatures of up to 100º. Our tests show that they have double the normal lifespan of standard high-quality rubber seal rings. Food safe material. In green. Odorless and tasteless.

Design: Specially designed rubber seal rings. Thick and flexible. The silicone makes engaging the portafilter easier thus less effort and strain on your wrists.

Competition shower

AISI 304 stainless steel. Integrated membrane, completely smooth surface avoiding coffee residue deposits, which increases its useful life and facilitates cleaning.

Provides uniform water distribution, improving extractions.

98 holes Ø3mm.

Stainless steel tip

Stainless steel coffee tamper

A standard accessory of the highest quality and finish.

Two steam tips (1 and 3 holes)

1 hole (Ø 01mm)   3 holes (Ø 0,75mm)

In order to adjust the machine to every need.

We have developed some videos where we explicitly explain how to make a cappuccino with both outlets. You can see it on our website. Watch video.

Two complete filterholders

1 and 2 coffees. Olive Wood.

We add the portafilter with 1 coffee output to the standard equipment.

Five filters. Serial.

7gr, 14gr, 18gr, 21gr and Blind.

Wire stainless steel tray

New wire tray in stainless steel. Removable for easy cleaning.


Technical data

Accessories Kit

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Steel Models

Eureka Mignon Libra Grinder for Domestic use with Dose By Weigh

Mignon Libra

The new Instant Grind Weighing Technology


Anti-vibrations System that allows to perceive accidental hit or disturbance on the filter holder going in “pause mode"

Extremely Precise

+/- 0.2 grams of dose consistency to always achieve the expected result of your recipe minimizing the coffee waste

Super Quick

Real time grind weighing that guarantees an immediate pause of the grinding process in case of filter holder removal, starting again when all is restored

Easy to Use

Already calibrated

Use your Mignon without worrying about calibration.

Easy to Adjust

Hands-Free metallic fork

Extremely fast to adjust manually without any additional tool, allowing to use the weighing Technology with any type of filter holder.

Extremely Precise, with a dose consistency of 0.1 – 0.15 grams, to always achieve the expected result in cup and minimize the coffee waste.

Super Quick, able to weigh the grind coffee into portafilter while grinding in real time

Easy to use, thanks to the intuitive touch display which allows:

/ To easily set the quantity for both single and double shot;

/ To grind by weight even in continuous mode;

/ To switch from single to double (and viceversa) during the grinding process, without any coffee waste;

Hands-Free metallic fork, extremely fast to adjust manually without any additional tool, allows to use the weighing Technology with any type of portafilter.

55 mm flat burrs for an extremely high productivity 1.4 - 1.8 g/s (Espresso).

Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (Patented) with infinite adjustment points to grant incomparable setting precision.

Extra Comfort regulation Knob: for a more comfortable experience.

Anticlumps & Electrostaticy System to ensure a high dose consistency and a counter always clean.

Silent Technology: (around 64 dB) to provide a pleasant and quite grind experience at any time of the day.

Mignon Libra is suitable even for extra-large shot (>16 grams) thanks to the dedicated dosing funnel (available as optional).

Technical Details :


Flat 55mm

Display: Yes

Dose counter: Yes


Traction: Direct

RPM: 1350

Power: 310 Watt

Feeding: Single-phase

Stepless Micrometric Reg: Yes

Hopper capacity: 300 g

Productivity (g/s): 1,2 - 1,8 Espresso


Height: 390 mm – 15.94 in

Width: 124 mm - 4.88 in

Depth: 192 mm - 7.56 in

Weight: 6,5 kg - 14.33 lb


Silent Technology

Instant Grind Weighing Technology (2 doses + continuous)

ACE System

Extra-Comfort Knob

Easy Setting System

Adjustable Fork

Brand: Ascaso
Espresso Machine Features
Temperature Control PID
Grinder purpose Espresso

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