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Set Dalla Corte MINA Espresso Machine + Mahlkonig Allround Grinder EK43

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Brand: Dalla Corte

Product Code: Mina + EK43

Tags:  Set Dalla Corte MINA Espresso Machine + Mahlkonig Allround Grinder EK43Mina + EK43Domestic Espresso Machines

Set Dalla Corte MINA Espresso Machine + Mahlkonig Allround Grinder EK43

Dalla Corte MINA Espresso Machine

High technology espresso machine with complete control to produce an espresso that’s exactly as you want it. With Mina, you can have it!

The power of engineering precision in a unique espresso machine that’s full of character. This is our challenge.


Nobody has ever used a water flow extraction parameter as precise– apart from us, of course. We give you the chance to create the best flow profile for a perfect extraction and a perfect espresso. Let’s rock your coffee!


With over eighty spins per second, our exclusive flow meter provides a perfect dose in the cup. A very precise control, "drop by drop" of the quantity of water on the coffee cake, because precision is our must.


Your Mina espresso machine is available in different design combination. Glass or wood, matt or gloss. Let your personality shine through by choosing your favourite materials and colours.


With Mina's App you can customise also your espresso coffee, according to your taste. The specific app, designed to set and control all Mina’s parameters is a simple and intuitive tool that allows you to create different profiles for different coffees and aromas, directly from your device.


    • Dimensions (l x h x p): 385 x 385 x 410 mm
    • Weight: 33 kg
    • Connected load: 230/240 V 1 Ph, 115 V 1 Ph - 50/60 Hz
    • Boiler capacity: 3 l
    • Ability of independent groups: 0,5 l
    • Water and tea dispenser: included
    • Fixed water connection: included


    Mina can be connected to the exclusive dc system technology. Producing a perfect espresso has never been easier. Our OCS, MCS and GCS provide the professional solutions you need to best manage your work.

    Connection between espresso machine and grinder

    We want to stand out. We want to be practical. We want to offer the simplest solution. Our DC System provides the best result in a cup – a result that’s consistent and repeatable.

    GCS, OCS, MCS are exclusive technologies we created to enable big coffee-shop chains – or places with a very high staff turnover – to consistently provide excellent espressos and milk-based drinks. GCS always guarantees an optimum grinding; with OCS you can control your espresso machines by remote, whilst MCS assures an exquisite milk foam for your perfect cappuccinos.

    Grinder control system

    Our grinders miss nothing – not even the minimal changes coffee undergoes during the day. Once they are connected to our espresso machines, dc one and dc two will automatically adjust the grind to consistently provide perfect coffee preparations.

    This is why we succeed in providing excellent quality for each extraction.

    Milk control system

    Cappuccino – an actual challenge for any barista. Well, we know how to make you face that challenge. Just push a button to get perfect milk frothing, resulting in a fine-textured foam. A temperature sensor will automatically stop the steaming process when the milk reaches the optimum pre-set result.

    Easy, isn't it?

    Online control system

    All you need is a connection, wherever you are. With your smartphone, laptop or any other device, you can connect to your espresso machine remotely and easily modify the temperature of each group, set up the coffee doses for the extractions, control counters, timers, alarms and all the main parameters of your Dalla Corte machine!

    Whenever you want, wherever you want.

    Mahlkonig Allround Grinder EK43

    The EK43 has conquered the international coffee specialty industry and rules as the undisputed queen of coffee grinders – with high performance, reliability and premium grinding results. Its outstanding grinding profile remains unmatched. The EK43 provides the most even extraction of the coffee’s valuable aroma and is known to be a guarantor for an outstanding taste experience and a symbol for quality. Its special shape has become an icon within the international barista scene, which feels deeply connected to the EK43 by its shared passion for coffee.


    • Outstanding particle size spreads feature high extraction rates and the best possible taste
    • Premium cast steel burrs
    • Robust grinder with high grinding capacity
    • Suitable for different applications: filter, espresso, or turkish fine coffee grinding
    • Grinding of other grists such as spices, grain, poppy-seed and linseed is possible with individual burrs and prebreaker
    • Easy and precise grind adjustment

    Technical Details

    Voltage // frequencies // phases:

    200-240 V // 50/60 Hz // 1~

    • Idle speed: 1450 rpm (50 Hz); 1760 rpm (60 Hz)
    • Burr diameter: 98 mm
    • Burr material: Cast steel
    • Average grinding capacity*: 19-21 g/s
    • Bean hopper capacity: approx. 1500 g 
    • Max. nominal power: 1300 W
    • Dimensions (w x h x d): 23 x 82.8 x 41 cm
    • Dimensions of packing (w x h x d): 37 x 58 x 71 cm
    • Net weight: 26 kg
    • Gross weight: 30 kg
    • Certifications: CE, CB, ETL Safety, ETL Sanitation


    • IEC/EN 60335-1
    • IEC/EN 60335-2-64
    • ANSI/UL 763
    • CSA-C22.2 No. 195

    Standard colors:

    • Fine textured finish, matte black
    • Fine textured finish, matte white
    • Copper 

    Special Equipment

    Burrs and prebreaker for grains or for other grinding goods

    Special burrs and prebreaker for turkish fine grinding

    *Depends on the grinding goods and the chosen degree of fineness.

    All measured values under laboratory conditions. Other electric specifications available on request. Subject to change without prior notice.


    Mahlkoenig EK43 allround grinder - Product sheet

    Espresso Machine Features
    Boiler Type Dual
    Temperature Control PID

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