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Set Lelit Mara PL62X compact espresso machine with E61 group + Eureka Mignon Zero Single Dose Grinder for Domestic use

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Set Lelit Mara PL62X compact espresso machine with E61 group + Eureka Mignon Zero Single Dose Grinder for Domestic use

Lelit Mara PL62X compact espresso machine with E61 group

The newest V.2

1. New steam and hot water valve with more distance to the housing to avoid damage (from 07/21)

2. IMS - sieves (from 07/21)

3. Newly designed water tank ( from 07/21)

4. Black logo on the front (from 09/21)

5. The overflow now goes back into the tank and no longer into the front of the drawer (from 09/21)

A brief description: 

We implemented the best technology existing in the coffee world in a machine with a unique and compact design. A marvelous object to practice the golden rules that allow every real barista to brew the most sensual espresso he can dream of.

Cup warmer.

Brushed stainless steel appliance body.

Double manometer for coffee/steam pressure.

Multi directional, anti-burn steam/water wands.

Polished old style knobs in phenolic resin with chromed, anti-burn cover.

Mug friendly.

Espresso cup rack.

Height adjustable feet.

Boiler with 1.8 liter capacity

Stainless steel AISI 316L heat exchanger E61-type group with mechanical pre-infusion

Heating of group speed up by thermosyphon circulation through double probe HX system (Patent pending)

Spring-loaded professional taps

Pressure gauge zero adjustment

Stainless steel backlit On Off switch

Machine in heating led or machine is ready led

No water in tank led or tank not correctly inserted led.

Delivered with a complete accessory box containing: 

LELIT stainless steel tamper with red wood handle,

1 portafilter with Coffee Slide spout with 3 filters (9-11g//14-18g//18-21g),

blind filter, group brush, water resin filter, 

kit for the 1st cleaning (3 single dose packs for the 1st backflushing and cleaning of the accessories + 1 dose bottle for the 1st steam wand cleaning).


ONLY 220-240V 50/60Hz 

Size: 22 x 40 x 35.5 cm

Weight: 27 kg

Eureka Mignon Zero Single Dose Grinder for Domestic use

 “High Speed” Productivity: 1.2 – 1.8 g/s (espresso)
 55 mm flat burrs, conceived for barista, offers excellent grind quality and productivity
 Outstanding low retention results (Total Retention: 1.2 – 1.4 gr, Exchange: 0.5 gr) NEW
 Exremely high Dose Consistency (Variance: 0.08 – 0.18 gr) NEW
 Daily use -> 1/1.5 kg;

 Mignon Single Dose Blow Up Cleaning included, designed to grind the next shot with chamber always clean; NEW
 Dosing Cup (45 g), stainless steel, specifically designed to fit every type of portafilter; NEW
 Mignon Single Dose Hopper (45 g), with revolving metal tab, designed to grind single shot; NEW
 Adjustable All-in-One fork, designed by our R&D to be perfectly compatible with both Eureka Dosing Cup
and any type of portafilter; NEW USABILITY
 ON/OFF side activation, easy to activate, without keeping on pressing the button; NEW
 Extra Comfort burrs regulation knob with a vertical measurement scale for a greater ease of use; NEW

 “High Speed Maintenance”, with an easy access to the grinding chamber by removing only 4 screws;
 The grinding setting is kept unchanged after each burrs maintenance (both cleaning and replacing); EUREKA PLUS
 Silent Technology (around 60 dB);
 ACE System (Anti Clumps & Electrostaticity);
 Stepless micrometric regulation system (patented by Eureka)
Espresso Machine Features
Group Type E61
Grinder purpose Single Dose

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