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Set Vibiemme Domobar Digital Espresso Machine + Eureka Mignon Zero Single Dose Grinder for Domestic use

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Set Vibiemme Domobar Digital Espresso Machine + Eureka Mignon Zero Single Dose Grinder for Domestic use

Vibiemme Domobar Digital Espresso Machine

TAKE YOUR PASSION HOME - Enjoy a professional espresso with Domobar

This line is designed for coffee connoisseurs who want to enjoy the perfect cup in the comfort of their own home. From the entry level to the top end, all the machines in this line have an E61 group head, so you can enjoy coffee at home just as you would in your favourite bar.

Domobar - You want to challenge yourself

Domobar is the entry level model in our Home line. Ideal if you want to enjoy a professional espresso at home.

Model Domobar Digitale interface: 128x64 pixels OLED display with capacitive keyboard

VBM - E61

Thermosiphonic circulation group in cromed-brass, with mechanical pre-infusion chamber,available with manual controls (lever) or electronic. Filter diameter 58 mm

Technology - SINGLE BOILER

Our single-stage boiler system allows you to dispense coffee, steam and water separately and in total safety, thanks to dedicated switches.

Steam performance and extraction temperature

You’ll get high performance steam production as well as excellent espresso.

ECO mode

Use ECO mode to reduce your machines temperature when idle, and you’ll make considerable energy savings.

OLED display (only on the digital version)

Adjust all the settings on a single interface.

Synthetic drip tray

The choice of material makes the drip tray light and easy to handle, eliminating the risk of scratching and sharp corners typically found with metal trays. The tray has been scratchproofed to make it dishwasher-safe.

Overflow indicator on drip tray

The float tracks the water level in the drip tray.

Water tank level sensor

The level sensor monitors the water tank level. An LED shows you when it’s time to fill up.

Customisable side panels

Customise your Domobar: with our range of colours you can match your machine to any environment. And when it’s time for a change you can give your machine a new look: the side panels are fixed on with magnets, so they can easily be removed and replaced with a different colour whenever you like.

Ergonomic knobs and levers

For a more ergonomic, accurate dispensing of water and steam, they also add character to your new Domobar.

Available colors:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • White
  • Inox
  • Basic

Included Accessories:

  • EasyFlat single filter holder
  • EasyFlat double filter holder
  • Blid filter
  • Instruction manual

Technical Specification

Brewing Groups: 1 (E61)
Boiler Number: 1
Boiler capacity: 0.5 l
Interface: 128x64px OLED display with capacitive keyboard
Steam Wands: 1
Pump: vibration pump
Water Supply: Sensor tank
Power: 1400 W
Dimension (W / H / D) In Cm: 22 / 37 / 40
Weight: 15 kg
Electrical connection: 110-240 V/ 50/60 Hz

Eureka Mignon Zero Single Dose Grinder for Domestic use

 “High Speed” Productivity: 1.2 – 1.8 g/s (espresso)
 55 mm flat burrs, conceived for barista, offers excellent grind quality and productivity
 Outstanding low retention results (Total Retention: 1.2 – 1.4 gr, Exchange: 0.5 gr) NEW
 Exremely high Dose Consistency (Variance: 0.08 – 0.18 gr) NEW
 Daily use -> 1/1.5 kg;

 Mignon Single Dose Blow Up Cleaning included, designed to grind the next shot with chamber always clean; NEW
 Dosing Cup (45 g), stainless steel, specifically designed to fit every type of portafilter; NEW
 Mignon Single Dose Hopper (45 g), with revolving metal tab, designed to grind single shot; NEW
 Adjustable All-in-One fork, designed by our R&D to be perfectly compatible with both Eureka Dosing Cup
and any type of portafilter; NEW USABILITY
 ON/OFF side activation, easy to activate, without keeping on pressing the button; NEW
 Extra Comfort burrs regulation knob with a vertical measurement scale for a greater ease of use; NEW

 “High Speed Maintenance”, with an easy access to the grinding chamber by removing only 4 screws;
 The grinding setting is kept unchanged after each burrs maintenance (both cleaning and replacing); EUREKA PLUS
 Silent Technology (around 60 dB);
 ACE System (Anti Clumps & Electrostaticity);
 Stepless micrometric regulation system (patented by Eureka)
Espresso Machine Features
Group Type E61
Temperature Control PID
Grinder purpose Single Dose

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