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Free shipping within the EU (excluded specific countries) for orders over 199.99 EUR
CONTACT US: [email protected]



All of your products have a 2-year full manufacturer warranty for EU customers (12 months if VAT registered customers)

Warranty for all goods shipped outside of the EU is a 12 Months Parts Only Warranty.

In case of assistance under warranty, it is necessary to ask us for a Return Authorization Form.

The final customer will be responsible for the shipping charges to us.

Goods must be returned in the original package (including pallet if the goods were shipped with it), complete in all parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, cables, etc...);

To limit damages to the original package, we recommend entering it into a second box; it should be avoided in all cases by affixing labels or adhesive tapes directly on the original package of the product.

We will fix the product in warranty and will ship it back to the final customer free of charge.

Products shipped without the RA given by 30coffee will not be accepted.

in some cases is possible to send pictures/videos of defective parts.

We will check it with our service dept. and manufacturer and send the spare parts free of charge.

in this case, is not needed to send the products to us for repair.

Warranty claims do not exist for:

The aesthetic parts that make up the coffee machine, the group gasket, the filter holder, coffee filters, the water tank. Also, there is no warranty for all those parts that are defective for use with high limestone in water.

In this respect it is highly recommended the use of water with low-calcium

The time to repair the product depend solely on the policies of the producer and no damage can be requested to 30coffee/ Nosson sp.z.o.o for eventual delays in repairs or replacing.

During the purchase the client has accepted the aforesaid warranty terms.


1. All customers who are subject in a long-distance purchasing contract may withdraw from the contract without giving a reason by submitting a relevant statement within 14 days from:

(a) for standard Purchasing Agreement- from an instant of taking over the possession of Goods by the Customer or a third party designated by him (other than the carrier).

(b) for other agreements – from the purchase conclusion date
 A registered customer with an active account can submit a refund plea on the “My Account” subpage by clicking the return button at the appropriate order number.

A customer who does not have a registered account should submit a withdrawal request by e-mail to [email protected] or by attaching the appropriate withdrawal form to the returned product.

2. Should the customer want to withdraw from the Purchasing Agreement prior to the Seller accepting it, the contract shall not be binding at once.

3. To keep the aforementioned deadline, it is enough for the customer to send a withdrawal statement before the deadline expiry. The customer may use either the withdrawal declaration attached to these Terms of Service or any other withdrawal declaration. A registered Customer can use the returns dedicated module that can be found under “My Account”.

4. In the event of withdrawal, the Seller will reimburse the Customer cost of paid goods promptly and in any event no later than 14 (Fourteen) days from the moment the goods were delivered back to the Sellers Warehouse.

5. The customer is obliged to return the goods immediately, but no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the date of presenting his or her withdrawal to the Seller.

6. Should the Goods be used or damaged in any way that might diminish their market value, the Customer will be burdened with an appropriate value decrease.

7. The right of withdrawal is reserved for all items that are returned without permanent damage to either the package or the item itself and where there is no concern for health and hygiene breaches.

8. The cost of delivering to the Seller/30coffee/ Nosson sp z.o.o  and a return package, any import/export fees are fully covered by the customer unless the sides decide otherwise due to special circumstances.

9. Presenting a Purchasing Agreement withdrawal and proceeding with a return is unanimous with the consent to issue a correction invoice for a given order and to recognize it as the only relevant invoice for the Transaction.