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Filter & Dripper Coffee

Chemex - milk and sugar container
47.4€ Ex Tax: 38.5€

Handblown Cream & Sugar Set - glass containers for sugar and milk. The look of the container has bee..

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Chemex Glass Mug - 300 ml mug
20.2€ Ex Tax: 16.5€

A glass mug with a capacity of 300 ml. Its shape resembles Chemex, which makes the mug a great compa..

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Chemex round paper filters 6, 8, 10 cups
11.7€ Ex Tax: 9.5€

A set of 100 round paper filters designed specifically for Chemex Coffee Maker.Manufacturer: Chemex®..

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Hario Double Mesh Metal Dripper V60-02
41.7€ Ex Tax: 33.9€

Size: V60-01 Colour: Silver Material: Stainless steel When we talk about alternative methods ..

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