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Compak Aluminium Single Dose Hopper
183.3€ Ex Tax: 149.0€

Compak Aluminium Single Dose HopperNo installation required, simply replace the traditional hopper w..

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Compak Bolt 83 Espresso Grinder
1,966.8€1,228.8€ Ex Tax: 999.0€

Compak Bolt 83 Espresso GrinderBolt 83THE VALUE OF SPEEDMOTOR 610 WBURRS Ø 83 MMDesigned to satisfy ..

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Compak Burr replacement tool kit
294.0€ Ex Tax: 239.0€

Compak Burr replacement tool kitIdeal for ensuring a quick and easy burr change. The kit consists of..

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Compak CUBE TAMP Automatic coffee tamper
1,056.6€933.6€ Ex Tax: 759.0€

Compak CUBE TAMP Automatic coffee tamperMOTOR 65 WConsistency of pressing in all services, flat..

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2,643.3€859.8€ Ex Tax: 699.0€

Compak E8 DBW RED SPEED BURRS DEMO UNITThe device was only used for showroom purposes, and the total..

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Compak Grinder Cleaner
35.7€ Ex Tax: 29.0€

Compak Grinder Cleaner Food grade quality product specialized in cleaning the burrs of Coffee g..

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Compak Pallo Grinder Minder
39.4€ Ex Tax: 32.0€

Compak Pallo Grinder MinderThe Pallo Grinder Minder is a 2 in one grinder and counter brush. The sma..

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Compak PK100 LAB Coffee Grinder
3,148.8€2,901.6€ Ex Tax: 2,359.0€

Compak PK100 LAB Coffee GrinderThe PK100 is a multipurpose grinder, specially designed for all ..

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