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Urnex Cafiza - 8 tablets x 2 grams
8.5€ Ex Tax: 6.9€

Tablets for cleaning coffee machines (espresso and automatic machines).Concentrated formula eliminat..

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Urnex Cafiza - Espresso machine cleaning tablets - 100 pcs.
16.9€ Ex Tax: 13.7€

Tablets for cleaning coffee machines (espresso and automatic machines), both commercial and home.Con..

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Urnex Cafiza 2 - Cleaning powder - Single Sachet

Cleaning powder for espresso and pour over coffee machines, both commercial and home. Concentrated ..

Urnex Dezcal - Descaling powder - 4 sachets
8.5€ Ex Tax: 6.9€

Powder for removing lime scale from espresso, automatic, and pour over machines. Only regular removi..

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Urnex Grindz - Grinder cleaner 430g
48.3€ Ex Tax: 39.3€

Effectively removes deposits resulting from ground beans, as well as oils resulting from grinding. P..

Urnex Wipz - Coffee equipment cleaning wipes - 100 pcs
16.9€ Ex Tax: 13.7€

Café Wipz are pre-moistened, fragrance-free coffee equipment cleaning wipes.Using them you will safe..

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