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HAYB Blue Espresso Blend

  • 7.9€

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Brand: HAYB

Product Code: 4279

Tags:  Coffee Plant Brazil Cerrado Dark Roast4227Roasted Coffee

HAYB Blue Espresso Blend

  • Composition: 40% Brazil Cerrado, 40% Guatemala Huehuetenango, 20% Ethiopia Sidamo
  • Process: Natural, Washed
  • Flavour Notes: Milk chocolate, Marzipan, Bilberry


Blue Espresso Blend is a classic creation, but something about it strongly turns into a crazy avant-garde. And we're still talking about coffee!

We combined beans from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia to bring out a lot of sweetness and smoothness. And we have it: it's one of our sweetest blends. The addition of Ethiopian beans makes a bit of a fruity and tea note here - it is more interesting with each sip. The base is almost like Yellow, but trust us - 20% makes a difference because blending is alchemy!

If you love sweet, smooth jackdaws - you're at home.

Country of origin Brazil / Guatemala / Ethiopia
Process Natural

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