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HAYB Black Espresso Blend
6.5€ Ex Tax: 5.3€

HAYB Black Espresso BlendComposition: 80% Brazylia (Arabica, natural), 20% Brazylia (Robusta)Process..

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HAYB Blue Espresso Blend
7.9€ Ex Tax: 6.4€

HAYB Blue Espresso BlendComposition: 40% Brazil Cerrado, 40% Guatemala Huehuetenango, 20% Ethiopia S..

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HAYB Brazil + Fazenda Barinas
9.1€ Ex Tax: 7.4€

HAYB Brazil + Fazenda BarinasComposition: 100% Brazylia Fazenda Barinas (natural)Variety: Yellow Bou..

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HAYB Brazil Cerrado Patrocinio
6.9€ Ex Tax: 5.6€

HAYB Brazil Cerrado PatrocinioComposition: 100% Brazil CerradoVariety: Mundo Novo, Yellow CatuaiProc..

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HAYB Guatemala Huehuetenango
8.4€ Ex Tax: 6.8€

HAYB Guatemala HuehuetenangoComposition: 100% Guatemala HuehuetenangoVariety: Caturra, Catuai, Bourb..

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HAYB Peru Cajamarca

HAYB Peru CajamarcaComposition: 100% Peru Cajamarca (washed)Variety: Mixed varietiesProcess: WashedF..

HAYB Pink Espresso Blend – WTF?!
10.3€ Ex Tax: 8.4€

HAYB Pink Espresso Blend – WTF?!Composition: 50% Ethiopia Uraga, 50% Ethiopia AcaciaProcess: Natural..

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HAYB Yellow Espresso Blend
7.7€ Ex Tax: 6.2€

HAYB Yellow Espresso BlendComposition: 50% Brazil Cerrado (natural) 50% Guatemala Huehuetenango (was..

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